Friday, September 12, 2008

My First Hurricane!!!!

Hurricane Ike is approaching. We are buckling down for the storm. See you all on the other side.

6:10pm:OK will try to post some updates. Wind is starting to kick up in our area. Seems a bit erie...maybe it is because I know what is coming...though I don't know to expect.

9:08pm: Wind picking up steam. Trees are really swaying. Feels different outside from just your typical thunderstorm. About 10 minutes ago I was talking to BFF and we got cut off so I am thinking phone lines are going down. Received an email from Lance's Aunt in Florida and she said she has tried to call all day but that a recording keeps saying circuits in area are busy. Babies are tucked in bed now for three hours. Hopefully they will sleep through the storm and we will be spared a tree falling on house or windows breaking. We do have a safe room set up just in case and we have items packed ready to go in case we have to leave our home. Pray that we don't need to do that and that we weather the storm well.

10:44: I feel the storm is getting closer. I am watching a favorite show on DVR from today. I just couldn't take any more non stop IKE drama. But as I sit here I keep noticing my beautiful Magnolia tree (huge by the way) swaying oh so strongly in my backyard. No rain yet but I am sure it is on it's way. I think it is about time to go upstairs and unplug the router and turn off all the electronics so that we don't get damaged from a huge power surge. I will need to post again in the morning...that is if we have power. Oh! what was that. I think a branch that just feel on the deck from the pine tree. See ya!!!

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Savvy Little Women said...

Hope you guys make it through the storm ok! We did take the front off Reese & Charlotte's cribs, so they are like toddler day beds. They made the transition great. They will be in twin beds next month though due to the babes coming. Have a great weekend!!

nana/Mary Helen said...

Papa & nana will be hoping that you all will be fine, through the wind and rain. Love always

mamatutwo said...

Your first hurricane! How exciting! I'm wondering now if I shouldn't have passed on the hurricane party because i am already tired....but we'll have our little hurricane party with the kiddos, and hopefully alleviate their fears!

SRC said...

I keep checking for an update from Houston, but I'm guessing you may not have power. Hope everyone weathered the storm ok. The pictures we are seeing here in LA look pretty scary. We're thinking of you.

Nana/Mary Helen said...

Thanks for pic at 5:35 a.m. my time. Hope no damage to your lovely home, will try to call later as I know power is out and you can not read this posting. Love you all. Papa & I are thinking of our love ones. xxoo
Nana & Papa

mamatutwo said...

Hope that all is well with you and your family!

God Bless,