Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ike destruction....locally

So Ike has come and gone. It left some damage around for many to repair and sort through. It also left behind sadness as for some along the coast lost their livelihoods, homes and sadly lives. In our area up north it seems as if life is getting back to "normal." Grocery stores are almost at 100% as far as product. Gas, electricity and ice don't seem to be in such demand although last nights news reported that electricity is still out for over 19% of the entire metro area. That might not sound like a lot but after living with out power for days upon days I feel grateful that I am not one of the families in that 19%. There are a few streets in our neighborhood that are still with out power. I hear the hum of generators and am reminded that a natural disaster brings many to their knees. I praise God that we were protected from the storm and hold those that are without so much in my prayers daily.

This is part of our backyard right after the storm.
Clearly nothing but a few branches and leaves.
Then this is Daddy and Campbell out in a little rain and wind to "live" in the moment. Notice the tree down in the background of picture.
Blocked in a neighbors driveway....luckily not one of our trees.Here are the kids trying to entertain themselves during the power outage.
The heat was the worst the first two days. So they basically were naked most of the time.

This is Campbell trying to be helpful and handy with a rake. What a good sport she was. This was also day three after the storm and the generator (by fence in picture) had just arrived. Thanks Uncle Evan for the wonderful machine we got to happy your power came on right away and we got to break it in for you. This was also the same day the cold front was to move in at night....cold front just meant that it wasn't HOT....not burrrr Cold!

Here are a few pictures from up and around our area. Thanks to Michelle and Missy
for sharing their IKE photo footage with me.

These are Michelle's photo's from around our neighborhood. Notice one tree crushes two cars. The sedan's frame was all the way down to the floor and the roof was collapsed. Yikes.
Also her husband is standing next to the root system of a tree
that clearly shows how small we are to nature.
Missy's photos I have placed in the side bar as a slide show. Be sure to take a look.

So our first hurricane has come and gone. This is my final thought on it....I have always said I wasn't one to camp....but I did survive a city wide power outage for days....maybe camping wouldn't be so bad.


bass family said...

wow, I'm so glad everything was ok for you guys!

Diane Jaggi said...

Glad all is safe and sound for you.