Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy 9th month Travis!!!

Today my baby boy turned 9months old.
It has been so different mothering a boy after having a girl.

I believe we are entering the tough or should I say "tougher than mommy stage."
He is just so strong...he can wear you out during a diaper change.

He can pretty much jump out of your arms when he wants something bad enough now and talk about a grip when he wants to use your body as a means to stand up. But seriously I have enjoyed every minute of these last nine months and look forward to many many more days, months and years with him.

My sweet baby boy, I love you and all your new found "toughness."

PS. Travis says Fork'em Devils!!!!

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Nana/Mary Helen said...

Happy 9 months, to nana's Buddy Boy. Papa and I sure miss you and your big sister. Soon you will also be making pictures for us. Love always, nana

The Sanders House said...

he is so adorable and all boy!

Savvy Little Women said...

He is so sweet! What is it like to have a boy?! Love the pics! Take care!