Monday, December 6, 2010

Three...our little guy is three!!

Happy Third Birthday Travis!

I am swept away at how fast time has flown. I mean really. Really it's been three years since you made your wonderful entrance to the world.

Three wonderful years we have been blessed to have you. To love you. To Cherish you. To be servants to your every need and whim. To teach you. To sometimes send you to the naughty chair. To play with you. To learn YOU. To watch you. To snuggle with you. To comfort you. And again To Love you more than you might know.

Right now I am guessing you are about 30lbs and average height....your well check will be soon. Lucky for you....NO shots at three. Yahoo!

You love breakfast bars, Thomas, Hot Wheels, swinging, riding your tricycle, running, Cars (you adore Daddy's version of Mater). You love sissy, peanut butter, your blankies, Papa, holding my hand. You now really really enjoy daddy and me time. You love going to the park and going to school. You love to sit on Nana's lap and read. You love to ride with mommy on the back of her green bike.

What you don't love is getting your hands sticky, paint or the likes on them to boot. Now you don't mind playing in dirt but to make mommy and hand print turkey would have just about sent you to the loony house. You are not a fan of green beans, mustard and just about any food that might get you sticky. You absolutely do not like to spill. I'd say you are a bit of a perfectionist.

One of the best parts of you is that you are sensitive. You like to use manners and are very affectionate. I have noticed that on days when you might have had a busy day at school or if mommy was busy busy with an activity that you will call out more for me at night than the usual "i gotta go potty" call every night. But you know what....I love it. Your sweet voice saying "mommy, I need you...." just about melts my heart.

I am really looking forward to this year and seeing just who you become and what you learn this year. I know you will always do your best and try, try, try.....even when it gets "too hard." Which is something I hope you will always do.

Travis, we love you and so happy that God "picked" us to hold you dear little brother bear.

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Beth said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Travis!!!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

3!? Time does fly. What a sweet post for him. Hope he had a great 3rd birthday!

bass family said...

Love seeing your posts again! Happy birthday Travis :)