Monday, November 8, 2010


Sometimes my son wakes me in the midst of a dream.
Sometimes my son wakes me minutes after falling into that very state of sleep that you say "man, I just feel asleep."
Sometimes my son wakes me, rather gets me up out of bed before I can even get completely settled in.
Sometimes my son sleeps without waking me but more times than not I am awoken.

You see just about every night my son wakes me just to go pee pee.

While I am grateful for no wet sheets.....sometimes, No every time their is a bit of rough crying because he has been woken from a deep sleep. With an urgency to pee. What he can't understand in his often hysterical screams is that I am there. Helping him. Tending to him. Awake...just for him.

Sometimes. No, every time. As tiresome as it has grown. I am grateful for that waking. You see sometimes it reminds me that he won't always need me. That there might be a time when I don't hear his screams. I won't be there to help him, tend to him, be awake just for him. On a night just like tonight, when sometimes, I can't fall right back to sleep. I think about those times and am happy to have been awoken.

Sometimes my son, no all the time, I love you.

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