Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My favoirte little "feasters"

So every year the kids school holds a Thanksgiving feast. Last year I was in the hospital recovering from a BIG surgery so I missed it. This year however, feeling GREAT and with two in school. This mommy got double the feast days. One right after the other. I LOVED it!

Who's this turkey??? Ha! Ha! This was a turkey that each child at Campbell's class got to take home....Ours is still on the mantel....we call him Fred.

Travis had his feast on Thursday and it was really exciting to see all the wee little ones.

I think he really was very thankful for his "something or other" free cupcake as someone in his class is sadly allergic to everything.

Campbell had her feast on Friday before the Thanksgiving break and the "big" kids got to sing and preform. It was so fun to see her sing...she loves too.

Campbell enjoying a very rare juice drink.

Enjoy every moment....that might be my new motto.

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Beth said...

I'm so happy you were able to participate this year!!! Your kids are getting so big and are as precious as ever!