Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh no!

So a few weeks ago Travis was running in the house. I was not present when he fell. I was...uh....well....I was....taking a "potty break".

He had run into the bathroom and was laughing and so happy. I asked him kindly and sternly "please do not run in the house." With his boyish charm ran out the door, laughing and saying "I'm having fun!"

All of a sudden I hear him screaming! wait make that...SCREAMING!
Being in this particular "break room" takes a few minutes to leave. Um....I think...you all understand.

So I get to him and he is bleeding from the mouth. My heart starts to race. I start to panic. Thinking he is now missing teeth. I take a deep breath and let my urge to cry and get hysterical because my child is bleeding leave my body.

I open his mouth and see ALL teeth in place and none broken. (let's back up....I assure you this....there was hand washing in place.) I feel his teeth and none seem lose.

I ask him to calm down and tell me what happened. He cries, screams and cries more. We hug. I then repeat. "calm down and tell mama." He says "I fell down. I was running. I was having fun." then starts to cry/scream all over again. We hug some more. I ask him to show me where he fell. He shows me the window. The window molding. Apparently he fell into the window molding that frames the window. OH NO! I shudder. I can only imagine that he broke some of his fall with his hands because NO teeth were missing.

We end up with a very fat lip and a sore mouth. I think about calling the doctor or dentist but decide since NO teeth were broken/missing/chipped not too.

OH NO! maybe I should have called......yesterday in his sick state(we (mama, him and sissy) all have bronchitis) of coughing and me blowing his nose I noticed that his front teeth seemed discolored. I thought maybe it was just my eyes. I look again. I think maybe it's from lunch I didn't brush his teeth after. Then later I look again.....they are NOT white. OH NO!

Today I looked and they are a little on the gray side and seem to be the same color on the inside.
I think from the trauma of the fall. Now we have to go to see the dentist. I pray that this has not affected his permanent teeth up above these precious baby ones.

OH NO!!!! Today I suffer from "potty break" guilt.

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Heather Allen said...

Poor baby! I hope his teeth are ok...and I hope future potty breaks are less eventful!

Sarah said...

Oh, poor boy! If it makes you feel any better, that happened to me when I was a little girl. At my grandma's house. Yeah, she felt terrible. I fell into a chair and my two front teeth ended up dying and having to be pulled. My adult teeth were fine. Hoping that is the case with your sweet Travis!

Beth said...

Oh no!!! B did this a few months ago. Luckily he didn't damage his adult teeth, but we came VERY close to surgery. He chipped and shoved up & back his two front uppers, completely tore his frenulum, and cut his gums VERY badly.

Thank GOD little ones bounce back quickly! T might fight like all get out at the dentist, but at least you'll get answers.

Hoping/praying everything goes well!