Monday, October 25, 2010

It was a hot one!

So going to the pumpkin patch is just wrong in the heat!
There is NOTHING fall time about it.

UGH! Last year it was cool, crisp and oh so fall like. See here is proof....

This! Did not make for good smiles during picture time.

However, we did endure the heat and found a great pumpkin.
We had laughs and high fives as we won racing ducks in the duck race.....shh! everyone wins.
Riding the train was a high point again this year. Travis did question why the train wasn't on the track which was pretty observant for a 2.75 year old....well maybe not for this one that is
The train is actually a make shift train on some four wheeler wheels.
Thinking next year the hay ride will be the winner as he may have figured out that it really is a "pretend" train.

Campbell of course made it to the top of a pumpkin pile with ease. Coming down was a bit harder but she enjoyed scaling the mountain o' pumpkin.

Both enjoyed the jumpy house with slides and meeting some goats.

Even in the heat we did enjoy our time at the pumpkin patch.
Our ending highlight was enjoying Kool Aid and Popcorn.

How has your pumpkin patch experience gone this year?

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bass family said...

fun memories, even with the heat! Our fall has been unseasonably warm too!

Beth said...

Ours was fun, but hot, too.