Monday, December 14, 2009


So the terrible two's begin. Travis has been and I suppose always be a totally different baby from Campbell. A different infant and now toddler. Well I suppose that is only fitting as he is a different person. But man, oh man does this little boy have a temper. Hmm wondering where he got it from. Campbell is so easy going. She is testing us with her new Three attitude but when she was two, man talk about a cake walk. Not with Travis though. I am sure this is where the paybacks that my mother always spoke of is starting to come true. She always told me that one day I would be paid back for all my "ugliness and attitude" two fold one day. Guess the day has come.

Travis is a bit fit thrower. He just will plain buck down and cry, cry, cry. Granted I believe he is more temperamental right now because his molars might be bearing down. I do remember lots of crying and screaming about a month after Campbell turned two and she got her top two year molars in August and her bottoms in September of last year. So maybe it is just that.
But seriously he has some major meltdowns.

He cries over various things like:
When bath time is over. Hates getting out of the tub.
If he cant take more than two cars with the table, store, to be changed, in the car, for a walk, etc.....although this is getting better.
Food....he is super picky about what goes in his mouth so most of our eating times are filled with tears.
Hates it when Thomas show is turned off after watching it.
Will cry and cry to watch a Thomas show after nap time.
Hates it when he cant physically carry more than five cars in his arms and becomes distraught about it when they fall.
Is very protective of his Thomas train set and doesn't like it when you push the train. Only him. Occasionally sissy is allowed to play but is testy about it most times.

So where did my sweet boy go? You have always been strong willed and temperamental but still sweet and lots less tears. I hope he wont be gone long but I love you just the same.

Two....this could be a rough year.

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Beth said...

Hoping this phase passes quickly:) The picture is priceless, though:)

bass family said...

bless! I completely understand though!!

Jennifer said...

This picture is priceless :)