Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Program

UPDATED: The program was great. The little kids sang their hearts out. I think my girl might have gotten stage fright or was taken back by all the people out there and the lights as you just cant practice that part. I say this because she seemed to forget all the moves that I know she already knew. All well it was cute just the same. I was so proud. So proud that I instantly became one of those mothers. I think it just happens as it was just so natural. Are you asking what I am talking about? Of course you are. Well you see several years ago when I was childless I had gone to some neighbor kids events and thought it was just so odd that mom's even dad's would wave at the stage where the child was. heck the child couldn't see them. Well maybe if you were front row but I am thinking...no. They don't see you waving and smiling. I swore up and down inside I would never be that mom. Well. Well sure enough I became that mom last night. With out a thought. It was instinctive. The minute I saw her walking out on stage to the music my arm went up waving like a flag on a windy day. My heart was screaming her name as if she was a rock n roll star. Luckily my brain did not allow my mouth to open and my tongue to speak. So for all you mommies that have yet to witness your child in their first production....be ready. The arm will go up and wave.

I know for sure that she was stretched to her limit though come the end of the show. We got home at 815 and she was TIRED. Not fussy but ready for bed. You see she is normally in bed by 630 pushing it is 650. So this was a late night for her.

Well it was a great night and I am so happy that I got to go and that Nana was here to see it too. Thank you Michelle for monitor sitting Travis and sitting in the recliner relaxing while doing your Christmas cards.

See below signature for video.


Tonight is Campbell's first Christmas Program. She has been secretly signing us her songs for some time. But pretending not to know all the words. She sneaks the songs in here and there. When we ask for more she get all coy and explains she doesn't know the words.

Oh how I cant wait for the Program. She loves to sing and dance around. It makes my heart sing that she has so much joy for it. I am taking the camera and will do some video taking. I am also buying the professional version. Why not, she's my first child, she's in her first program and she is so excited!!!!

Will post more soon.

Till then remember...."The Gift of Christmas is God is with us, Emmanuel, Emmanuel!"

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Beth said...

Can't wait to see the video!!

bass family said...

Precious! I love Christmas programs! :) by the way, I know you might not be feeling well... but you look GREAT.