Friday, March 27, 2009


OK so today was amazing in so many ways. I know pride is sinful but at one point today I was so full of pride and the other part of today my heart was full of love.

Pride story.

Let's begin. Lately my husband has had a lot of very important calls to take care of for some rather large deals. This use to not be such an issue when the babies were smaller but older = louder.
So we decided that I would go and work out this morning and then the three of us would go to eat breakfast and could come back around 11am & the call should be over....well the first one that is. So off we went not unlike any other morning off to the gym kids in tow. The big difference was going to eat afterwards. I am not that mom that is so free spirited that I just run by the seat of my pants. Everything is well thought out, for those of you who really know me this might be a stretch to think about....I am not an organized person in any means unless it is something I am 100% on board with. Examples: Planning a bridal shower for a friend, Planning a wedding, Birthday party planning and well my kids and their routines. My home might fall by the wayside most days but I figure that is a 50/50 zone. Grin. OK back to the story. So going out to eat with a child takes some planning let alone taking two. I have often seen "those moms" out and about that just seem to have it all together. You know the ones, their kids aren't loud, they mind, they eat and don't cause a scene. And NO they don't have any extra hands....jut their God given two. Well I have often wanted to be that mommy. You know do something on your own and look good doing it.

Well that day arrived. I had my moment of Mommy Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say.....IT FELT GOOD!

We arrive at the restaurant and as I am getting the babies out I am talking about what a great meal we are going to have together. Just the three of us. How fun it will be. I must admit that I was a little frightened inside. I do not like to be that mom that has the crying and food throwing child in the place. Oh, I would rather die than to disturb another person's meal. So I say a small prayer and open the door to the breakfast restaurant with one child holding my hand, one on my hip and my shoulders armed with a diaper bag and a bag that holds my high chair covers...I heart these covers!

The place isn't busy so I feel a sense of peace come over me. So far so good. Campbell is waiting patiently holding my hand as we wait to be taken to the table that they are now placing two high chairs. Travis is not trying to buck out of my arms because he wants to walk. All is good. Then my mind does this: "you can do it, you know what she's thinking."I can honestly say that I could almost mouth what the waitress was thinking. "Great a mommy and two rug rats =mess and tiny tip." But again I move forward with the story.

We head back to the table and it is near the wall where some chairs are neatly lined up against. So I ask Campbell to please sit on one of the chairs and sit quietly and be very still while I make her chair comfy with the high chair covers. She does exactly as I ask. I then decide to put Travis in a chair next to her. Thinking "here comes trouble" but I do it any how. I look at him straight in the eyes and say "Travis sit still." I quickly start to cover the chairs and repeatedly and calmly ask them to be still. They sit with angelic faces, no movement. I feel people around me staring....I start to get nervous. I grab brother bear and as I am placing him in his seat I remind Campbell to sit still. She does. Then I grab her and pop her in her comfy seat. She tells me "it's comfy." All is good. I think it is important to remind you that my babies are 2.75 and 1.5 years old so repeating phrases and the fear of either one of them making a mad dash are REAL.

Seeing that I have eaten here before and done take out more than once I know exactly what we will have. One adult waffle eggspress with an extra egg (scrambled, cheesy style), two kiddie milks and an ice tea please. The waitress smiles and I read her mind: "great she's sharing and they'll still make a mess." I smile back.

I entertain the babies with coloring and stacking jelly mini tubs. They are happy. No squealing, no "i want milk" shout outs. Life is good. I glance around and people are watching. A few comment "oh their so cute." I hear some say " I'm glad I'm done with that stage." And well, I am feeling fine about our outing, it's going well, pretty darn well. But I refrain from feeling overly good as the meal hasn't arrived. But hey here it comes. I divide the meal, OK so it's a little larger portion for mommy but it's basically divided up for three. We eat and talk. Giggle and color on the side between bites. Things are good at our table. The waitress comes by and checks on us, I say were great, she doesn't hesitate to drop the check. I smile at her.

So we finish up and everyone is happy. I look around again and others around us are enjoying their meals. I feel good that we have not disturbed them. So now it's time to load up. Hmmmm could it be as easy as getting in. Will they now after being fueled up not wait patiently for mommy to pack up? I guess I will have to move forward and see just how good my luck can be. We can't stay here all day. So I explain to Campbell that I am going to sit her in the chairs along the wall with brother next to her. Could she sit quietly with brother and look after him while mommy packs up? She tells me "I can." I smile, she smiles back. Quickly I place her in the chair, store her chair cover, pick up any stray food from the floor around her seat ( there was a bit but much less than at home, must be the cooking. Grin.) I place brother next to her and say "what good babies mommy has." They both smile, much like before, they are angelic. The ladies in the booth next to them say "we are so impressed." I smile. Starting to feel something come over me.
A good feeling, better than good feeling. It's growing inside of me. I can't help but smile bigger and bigger. At this point I am all packed up. I gather the two bags over my shoulders, attach child to hip and the other to my hand. Off we go. We walk through the restaurant just as we had upon arrival however I think a bit more confidently. We load up in the car and as I buckle up I am beaming. I am in awe. I just had the most wonderful dinning experience with two people under three.

As I continue to drive home I realize that I am overcome with pride. I am busting at the seams with pride..... I had a mommy glory moment and I looked good doing it! I can be one of "those" moms.

Full of Love story.

My babies are not "rocker" babies. I dreamed of rocking my babies...never happened. They are walk me, bounce me, pat my bottom, jiggle me , sway me babies. You'd think I'd be thin. Nope.
Well today it happened I had my rocking experience. Campbell decided to have quiet time instead of nap. Well she's not ready to do this because if she doesn't nap than she is one cranky and miserable baby come 4pm. One that is crying for a nap which I cant give her because bedtime is at 6-6:30pm. So as I listened to her whisper to her animals and play with her blankets I sent up quick prayers that she would not wake up brother bear who needs his nap as he is transitioning to one nap these days. Not to mention disturb daddy who was across the hall on a conference call. I was on egg shells waiting for fireworks. I went up and spoke to her. Let her know that we couldn't do sidewalk chalk today if she didn't nap. Yes, I bribed her. It happens. Well about 45 more minutes went by and she started to cry. I went in and she said "I want to snuggle with you mommy." Feeling like I had to do something I said "Let's rock." So I pulled the chair out to the middle of her room and sat her on my lap. I began to rock. She kept saying "mommy you rock me." I smiled and whispered "yes, close your eyes." But she had other ideas. She kept whispering to me and moving around. I just knew we were going to wake up Travis. Then I decided to sing. Which I don't do, nor do I do it well. She is really into Twinkle Twinkle right now so I repeatedly sang this song. Over and over I sang and rocked and rocked and sang. Finally she feel asleep. I could feel her fade away and it felt something like.....well something exactly like I thought it would be when I had dreamt of rocking my babies. It was wonderful. My heart was filled with love and I just wanted to bask in the moment. I wanted to just stop time and be there forever. Then I was brought back to reality. Travis was up. I needed to get him before his wake up fuss turned into a cry that would disturb daddy and the sleeping beauty in my arms. I was fearful that she would wake up as soon as I stopped rocking and singing....yes still rocking and singing. I almost hated giving up that moment, that sweet moment with my daughter. But I had too. I slowly got up and placed her in her crib. She rolled over and slept. It was bitter sweet.

So there you have it two tales from my day. Long I know but lovingly and full of pride I had to share it all. Tell me a tale from your day, I would be happy to hear it.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

You deserve to have a day like that! I've had moments of pride like that after eating with my three--Just getting through without someone screaming is a major feat!

Beth said...

What an awesome day. I love those rare moments when Bray will let me rock and snuggle him!!!

Jennifer said...

Rocking my babies to sleep was the best part of my day. Oh, how I miss it. I'm so glad you had a Rockin day. I still pray for days like that, and mine are 7 and 8. I wish I could get through a meal like that. :) Hope today is even better.