Sunday, February 22, 2009

Michelle's Fan Club

So my neighbor Michelle, who I shall give credit to for informing me of this wonderful world of blogging sang at her church today. We told her that we would go to show our support and show the world(OK, maybe not the world...but you get the picture) her small fan club. She sang a beautiful song called Desert Song and you can read more about this song on her site by clicking here.
Michelle and her family go to a very different church than what I have grown up with. It is a totally different experience. Not that one is better than the other. Just different. I like to think of myself as open minded to a lot of different things in life and well going to another church every once in a while is kinda refreshing. The important thing is to remember that we all serve God and though the message might be delivered a little different than what you are accustomed too it really doesn't matter because in the's just God talking to you. So with that said, I may have found my "cheater church." You know for those Sundays when you might just need to stir things up or in my case running late. You see Michelle's church is five minutes away and mine is a 30 minute drive. You tack on checking on kids in nursery and well let's just say if I am running behind on a Sunday, God just might have to talk to me differently that day.

So with out further ado....Here is Michelle singing the Desert Song (she is the one in all black with short blonde hair.) I apologize for the shaky hand.

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The Sanders House said...

Ha ha ha! You crack me up! You are so sneaky! Thanks for was great having you there to roll with the baptists!

Julie said...

It IS fun to visit other churches. God called us away from the church that we had gone to for 20 years. We spent a year visiting other churches. We seldom went to the same church twice. We saw all kinds of congregations. I can say that it was really a great experience and so encouraging to see so many different people worshiping God in the way that suited them best.

And I enjoyed your friends song. : )

Mom said...

Michelle has a beautiful voice, know that from a Christmas tea we went with you and sitting next to her singing, while all the time trying no to sould like an old frog trying to carry a tune. mom