Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ice Ice baby!

So last week (Friday) we were suppose to get SNOW! That's a big deal around here.

We were very careful not to tell the kids that SNOW was all the rage. We dropped here and there that it might be "cold enough to snow" but that we'd have "wait and see."

Sure as cotton can be candy, it did not SNOW!

But it was terribly terribly terribly cold for us down here in the humid yucky weather capital of the world. There were no tears over the no SNOW which I was grateful for. SO the plan not to tell them worked.

What we did endure of hours upon hours of news about how roads were closed and the ice everywhere. Seriously you would have thought our world had come to an end.

Well since we didn't have snow to play in....we found other ways to entertain ourselves.

Travis wanted no part of this because his hands might get wet...he's funny about his little hands.
Maybe he'll be a surgeon...aren't they protective of their hands. Well we will wait and see on that one.

So he amused himself by having a swift bike ride which was just fine by me because we were cooped up all day.
So while many were disappointed that no snow came last week. We are now bracing ourselves for possibly another "ice" day. There are already some ice pellets forming on the roof that Campbell and I spied from her windows as we let some light in after a cold afternoon nap. It is currently 27 degrees outside my home in my neighborhood at 5:38pm. I know, I know. Those of you buried in snow or who are use to these chilly cold winter days are laughing.

Which leads me to my segway into the piece of video that was created last week to make fun of us here in this lovely part of the country. Pretty funny!

Keep warm....this clubhouse is hoping to get its final dweller inside sometime after 8pm...hopefully weather won't keep him stranded in the airport in Charlotte.

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Sarah said...

haha - That video cracked me up. Right now it is 6* with a "feels like" temperature of -6* A big improvement from yesterday. When I woke up yesterday, the temperature was -9* with a "feels like" temp of -23*. Yuck! I am SO ready for spring!!!

Mary Helen/mom said...

Guess it is cold there, we had very cold weather a few weeks back. Some of my plants froze and I sure don't like being cold. Hope you all warm up soon. Love mom

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Brrr, it is so cold here! I'm ready for flip flops and Spring!!

Sarah said...

we got snow again today... what a crazy winter we're having!