Sunday, January 2, 2011

have you ever...

Have you ever seen a cuter tap dancer?
Oh me Oh my. I love this little girl and going to ballet/tap/twirl class each Monday.

We have been on break from class for the holidays and tomorrow we get to go back. This little dancer is so pumped up. Infact she'll get to use one of her Santa gifts that she was thrilled to get.

So as we plie, tap and twirl into the first month of 2011, we wish you great cheer!

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Its A Corny Life... said...

oh me, oh my, she looks Soooo grown up! Are you kidding me? Abby starts her first "class" next week...Rhythm, Rhyme and Fun. Hope she loves it as much as Campbell.

Heather Allen said...

I love seeing here in here sweet little outfit! Oh my. That is adorable!

Beth said...

She is just the sweetest! I love her little voice!

Anonymous said...

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