Monday, August 16, 2010

It is and it isn't. a plug.

So most of you know that we are out of diapers now. Also most of you know I was a cloth diapering mommy and very proud to share any cloth diapering knowledge. My motto has always been I don't wear paper pants why should my baby.

So while I don't have a baby bum under 2 to diaper any more (two is when we potty train...start the get to know the potty chair around 18 months) I do love to keep up with all the new styles and brands in cloth diaper world. Who knows if and when we might get blessed again. But you can bet a sweet baby bottom that I'll be cloth diapering again.

Now while cloth is for me and I just don't see why everyone wouldn't at least try it. I don't tisk tisk any one who chooses to well..... paper pant their baby. I just want to make that clear. THERE IS NO TISK TISKING HERE!!

However, I must. I must share this adorable video with you that just came out. The beat has made me dance all morning. The kids laughed and tried to dance with her. So which ever way you diaper I at least hope you will tap your feet to this cute little ditty.

Enjoy your day!

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Beth said...

Huh? What happened to the rest of your blog?

Beth said...

So cute! Very funny and B loved watching it:)

John, Jessica and Emma said...

Very Cute!! I loved it! Makes me wish we had cloth diapered... I just didn't know and now she is almost potty trained... I guess we will try with the next one!

Beth said...

You're right about calling him baby. I'm trying to be so aware of it. The first few days were hard -- it just kept slipping, but I've programmed my brain to say "big boy" now. We're even having two way conversations about diapers, big boy pants, and the whole, going peepee/poopoo on the potty. So, at least he's talking about it.