Thursday, July 1, 2010

blogging break and look it's a HUGE Initials, Inc sale.

I have been a sort of blogging break but I am pretty sure I am back.
I have been busy. Busy recovering. Trying to stay hydrated in the summer time. Chasing around my little ones and loving every minute of it. Missing my hubby when he's gone as his job has him traveling quite a bit. I must say that most of my blogging break came from a bit of depression. I had my mom here for six months. She was here while I had my surgeries and basically took care of our family. I miss her so very much. My little ones were really sad to see her go. In fact Travis was heard on the potty saying "my nana left me, my nana left me." He than went back to reading his Thomas book...guess he just needed to get that off his chest. Poor little guy! He sure loves his Nana! Campbell keeps asking when she will come back or when we can go to Arizona. I think having my mom here was a huge impact on their little lives. I love you mom! I love you dad who really lived with out my mom for 6 months. He hasn't had to do that since he was deployed years and years ago. What a trooper.

Well I look forward to getting back to sharing all about the in's and out's of the clubhouse.

Oh one other thing. I carry a small little line. CUTE, CUTE stuff. They are having a SALE OF THE CENTURY and if you shop here it's like a little bit like Christmas in July with the gifts you could check off your Santa list. I have a 24 hour party going on right now because the items will seriously go quick. Just visit my site. Click on SHOP than select my name. You can have items shipped to you. For sale items click on the SALE OF THE CENTURY under the category tabs to the left. Happy Shopping!!! HO! HO! HO! I feel like a little Santa Claus sharing this with you.

Glad to be back and out of the little fog I was in.

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bass family said...

Glad you are back & doing well!

Marcy said...

Hey there! I got your comment on my blog about the toddler bracelet. Feel free to email me for more info, I would be happy to custom make one for you. They are $6. My email is:

And be sure to "like" my FB page:

Beth said...

Welcome back! I missed your blog updates :)