Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ballet and Tap....Tap won her heart

So this past year we got to add Tap to Campbell's dance schedule. I remember when we began dance class. She loved being a ballerina! It was ballet this and that. Well fast forward a year and we introduce Tap class. WHOA! Hold the phone folks because well shoes that make noise stole the heart of my three year old this year!!!

The class is a combo class and well let's just say that most days during the Ballet portion, mind you a year earlier she loved, looked like the bored child out in right field. However, the moment she and the others were released to put on the fancy black and shiny tap shoes it was like she hit the mother load!!!

Recently we had the dance school recital. She was a mermaid for ballet and a candy girl for tap. She almost didn't recognize her classmates because well....I was the only mommy that didn't do the whole make up routine. I let her wear some lipstick but that was it. She's cute enough without it and she's three! She kept telling me she didn't know those girls. That she wanted to find her friends. Finally she warmed up to their faces. However, the make up is now the big talk at our house. I had noticed it prior when she would watch me get it together some mornings but now...she talks about putting on her make up all the time. Guess that's pretty normal girly stuff but makes my heart scream...you're a baby...stay that way.

After recital we had a week off and decided to do summer dance class where guess what was introduced....Jazz.....Now she really still favors Tap but let me tell you she sure is learning a new way to express herself. But what she is REALLY jazzed up about is in the fall she will be taking a baton class. yes, she wants to take baton. I honestly can't wait to see that!!

Campbell, just remember one thing....Mommy believes in you!!!

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Beth said...

Oh my goodness, she's growing up too fast!!! I agree with you about the make-up. She IS still a baby, and gorgeous w/o getting her face all dolled up :)

Cannot wait to hear about the baton :)

bass family said...

oh my goodness, she looks so grown-up!