Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Lance decided he had enough of our UGLY fire place with it's gold fireplace framed doors. So he ripped it and mantel down. He cleaned it up and we picked a paint color. Lance than began the tape off process when low and behold he gained a helper. NOT ME. A little blue eyed, Blondie, curly haired little helper. This is a picture of the work in progress.

When the inside of fire place is finished with decorating touches I'll post the finished picture. The color is great and came out so well. Smelly though is the paint that goes inside the actual fireplace. HIGH heat style paint with no odor blocker. UGH. This mommy was stressed out even though that part was done at night after they were already upstairs in bed. My job as a mom is stressful as I am sure it is for most moms. But well that's a whole other post on things that stress me out while trying to raise children.

Thanks Lance & little helper for making the room look that much better! XO!

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Sarah said...

Fun! Can't wait to see the after pictures!

bass family said...

What a good helper :)

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Fun! Can't wait to see the after pictures!

Beth said...

Can't wait to see the "after" pic. By the way, thanks for ALL of your help!!!

Jennifer said...

And, where is the finished product picture you are dying to post?!?