Tuesday, April 20, 2010

God is a girl

So tonight while brushing teeth Campbell asks me if God is a girl. I simply answer I don't think so.
She quickly tells me "yes. God is a girl! She is POWERrrrrFUL!"

Well, I thought maybe I can't argue that logic right now. God is pretty powerful and if just for a while she wants to believe God is a girl than well let her have it. She's labeling all things "girls" and thinks girls have a lot of power. Growing self esteem at three and a half....who I am I to knock it.

So for now if you need a boost in your Girl Power...just close your eyes and imagine God as a Girl.

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Heather Allen said...

Haha! LOVE IT! What a sweetheart.

Beth said...

LOVE IT!!! She's already the modern day woman.

bass family said...

The things kids say just crack me up! And yes, since our house is covered in all things "girl" our little ladies tend to assume everyone and everything is a girl too. They just found out that Daddy is a boy and it pretty much rocked their world!