Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh I need....

I need to catch up. There have been so many firsts and I have been a bad, bad, bad mommy for not posting them.

So to get things started off. Let's go back to late August '09 I will share with you Campbell's learning to ride a tricycle.
Now if you can remember she got the tricycle for Christmas. It is a great pinkish purple Schwinn tricycle and she loves it. I think brother loves it too because he has been actually trying to ride it more often than her. He just loves anything mobile. Well Campbell has been happy to have daddy push her from behind pretending to ride. Mommy thought it was time. Time for her to ride.

So we went outside to play. She wanted her bike. So we got on and I said if you want to ride you have to pedal. No pedaling means no bike riding. So let's learn to pedal. We worked on it and it didn't take long. With in minutes she was doing it. Up and over, pedal, pedal, pedal!!!

Campbell I am SO proud of you!!!
PS. even though I mentioned that if you didn't want to pedal that another little girl might want your bike ( I know mean huh, but it worked.) I never really meant it. When you go to school you'll learn it was a tactic called reverse psychology.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

That was so cute! You can see the pride in her face--so precious.

Beth said...

I remember watching her do this on your video montage a while ago -- go go Campbell!

Beth said...

I do remember the days of wedding hair and planning:)

I am growing my hair out -- hoping for another 6-9 inches and will then cut and donate to locks of love when ready to cut it all off again;)