Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours we hope your day was blessed in many ways.

We spent our Christmas Eve going to church with our good friends and our godchildren.
I thought the nursery wouldn't see my children that day
because I really wanted us to all sit together.
Mistake. Well noted. Next year straight to nursery drop off.
But the service was nice and it meant a lot to me that we attended together as families.

We than had dinner at our friends home,
watched (assisted) children opening gifts
and talking about our hopes to come.
We then dashed off in the night with of course very tired and crying children.
Ours go to bed at 6-630pm so deviation to that leads to crying and well let's just say not so fun of a car ride...the noise in our car was not a joyful sound.

With the kids tucked in bed,
Santa soon came
Then it was lights out for he didn't need to be seen.

Today was fun as Campbell really connected the whole
Santa + Tree+ going to bed+ waking up = presents.
So as we prepared to go downstairs we talked about Santa and wondered if he had come.
I could see the excitement building.
We took some time to also sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus before hitting the stairs
as we had been talking about this day for some time and just how special it was.
I wanted her to understand that it's not just about the presents she was about to receive
but for the one she already has in her heart.
I know she is young but the dots are starting to connect
and singing to Jesus brought a smile to her face.
I felt good about the day from that moment on.

Travis and Campbell opened up so many fun presents
(thank you mom/Nana & dad/papa, great aunt Wynne & great uncle Dean,
Keagan and Jack and of course Santa).
At first glance I felt the tree looked a little slim underneath
but in the mist of these hard times the amount really made it look rather full.
I am not sure if that made any sense at all so I guess what I should say is that
I am VERY grateful for all we received.
Besides as I mentioned before it isn't about the presents
but rather the gift in your heart that you already have.
One to be treasured and shared forever.

As they opened gifts it was clear to see that at this age one or two would
have been enough as it was hard to tear them away to open another gift.
So note to self and to other mommies of young ones...less is more.
Today was truly a magical one seeing it shine in their eyes.

I hope that Christmas brought you and yours much joy and warmth.
That the spirit of Christmas stays with you throughout 2009.
Merry Christmas!

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Mary Helen (nana) said...

Great pictures, wish we could have seen them and especially Campbell as I know she is now learning more about opening packages. This are moments that you will look back on and it will bring a smile to your face. Love my old and new memories. Love to all, mom & dad (nana & papa)

bass family said...

Merry Christmas! :)

Holtan-Bates family said...

Looks like you had a great holiday! Thanks for coming to visit our blog. I am desperate to know how you get your daughter to leave in hair bows. Annelise is all about ripping them out as soon as I pull my hand away. Happy Holidays!

Beth said...

We got your card today - you have the cutest little ones!

Love the Christmas pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to post ours tomorrow!

Jennifer said...

I know what you mean about "slim". We ended up shopping for 8 hours on a Saturday, then taking allot of the gifts back when I reconciled the checkbook!! It hurt and was upsetting (mostly to Michael), but our kiddos each ended up with 2 gifts each from mommy & daddy, and 1 Santa gift. We learned allot this year, and maybe garnered a little bit of humility by our circumstances. But keeping our focus made it all bearable :)

So glad you guys had a great Christmas!!!